Frequently Asked Questions about shipping birds

Please note I am shipping by both Express mail and Airlines

shipping cost for Express mail starts at $35 per order, Airlines $91 per order

price includes boxes and delivery cost.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes there is a minimum order for most birds, but its not a lot just, click here for minimum order details.

How do I place an order.

First contact me and make certain the birds you want are available or phone 337-828-5957 home

Send me your complete address and zip code in your first email to see if I can express mail birds to your area or send me the city name and airport if you choose that method.

I will calculate the total price for the birds and shipping cost.

Please read the Terms of Sale & Shipping Info! so that you are fully aware of the limits.

Decide how you want to pay for the order. Check, money order or if you will use Pay Pal and a credit card .

Payment MUST be received before I will ship the birds.

To be certain you get exactly what you order you MUST fill out the order form and mail it with payment.

Can I order the birds COD (collect on delivery)

No, I will not send any birds or any supplies COD, and further more the US post office does not allow for any CODs on live animals, so all orders must be paid for in advance.

How long will it take for you to ship my order once you receive it?

Orders shipped by express mail through the US postal Service usually are shipped the week after I receive your payment. I try to ship Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. If shipping by Air Freight via Continental Airlines then I must make arrangements with the airlines for a specific day to bring the birds to the airport. (a little more time consuming but not much) ****Delays in shipping can result at periods when I have many orders coming in. I try to ship as soon as possible but it is first come first served and I usually wait until I receive several mail order before mailing birds out. I like to ship birds from the an Airport Mail Center. Doing so often speeds up their arrival time and minimizes the time they must stay in transit. Since the nearest Airport Mail Center is 100 miles from my house I usually plan such trips once per week or once every 2 weeks, or when I have accumulated a reasonable number of orders to warrant such a drive. Therefore there are occasional periods when I cannot deliver the birds to you immediately. Furthermore very large orders take longer to prepare and ship and that too can cause a delay in shipping the birds out to you.

Can I get birds shipped to me on to arrive on a weekend.

No, the both the post office and the airlines does not allow for birds to be shipped for arrival on a Saturday or Sunday. All arrivals must be during a weekday. Preferably early in the week for mail order or any day for airline orders.

Will I be notified as to when the birds will be shipped?

Yes, absolutely I will notify you before I ship the birds to be certain you are aware that they will be in route. If I cannot reach you I will not ship until I do reach you to confirm the shipment.

How are the birds shipped?

By Air Freight via Continental Airlines. or Delta Airlines, These have lowest freight cost for Live Birds.

What is the average shipping cost?

$35-$52 for Express mail depending on the weight of the box; $91 - $121 (ultimately depends on airlines and weight) large shipments can exceed these cost but not by much.

Can birds be shipped Fed Ex or UPS?

No those carriers do not accept any live birds for shipping. Fed Ex does carry live birds for the Post office but you CANNOT ship live birds by bringing them to Fed EX

Is it safe to ship by mail?

Yes it is very safe to do so, and most orders arrive in excellent time and birds in great condition.There are exceptions however, Society and Gouldian finches are best NOT shipped by this method as they can stress very much if delayed.

Can I insure the birds?

Birds cannot be insured for live arrival! However, however I guarantee live arrival and will refund or replace lost birds assuming airlines are NOT the reason for losses such as delays in arrival or lost in transit. At such times a claim will be filed with the airlines. I have confidence in the mail but I will not guarantee nor replace any birds shipped by this method.

How long does it take for them to arrive?

By Express mail, about 24 -40 hours, some times longer it all depends on your location, by Air Freight they arrive in a matter of hours, usually withing 5-6 hours you can pick them up at the airport.

Will they arrive on my door step or will I have to go and pick them up?

All live shipments must be picked up at your post office or at your local airport.

What should I do when the box arrives?

Open the box (usually there is a trap door on most large boxes, look for it underneath a "Live Bird" Label. Release the birds in to a small holding cage, NOT a large flight cage, where you can observe them carefully to determine their health and condition.. Once you have determined the birds to be in good condition, give them ample food and water in containers that are plainly visible to the birds. Do not assume they will know where food and water are!! Be certain the food and water dishes are placed where your new birds will see them clearly.

Do you guarantee live arrival?

LIVE ARRIVAL IS COMPLETELY GUARANTEED on all SAME DAY AIR FREIGHT SHIPMENTS. I take lots of time to prepare the shipping box in such a manner to minimize stress so that most orders experience no losses at all. For more information on the live arrival guarantee please click here. or call me if you need a better explanation of the Live Arrival Guarantee. I never loose birds shipped by Airlines unless the airlines are at fault and they are delayed, rare but it can happen. I rarely loose birds shipped by mail, for the same reason, and I choose wisely those birds I am willing to ship by mail, knowing that they are resistant to stress even if delayed so really I think the risk is extremely minimal by express mail and I do recommend it. Regardless, if you choose express mail, you also automatically accept all risk involved.

What do I do if a bird is dead on arrival?

Call me or email me right away and let me know the status of the birds. If I dont answer the phone, leave a message on my machine or send an email but Please contact me that very same day the birds arrive.

What if a bird dies the next day.

If you suspect any problems with the birds on arrival you should contact me right away to see if anything can be done to save a stressed bird. Often times there are measures that can be taken to prevent the death of a bird that arrives in a stressed condition. I always offer replacements for birds that stress out and die shortly after arrival provided you call me the day the birds arrive to tell me there is a problem. However the buyer must notify me immediately after arrival to say that something is wrong. If you wait 2 or 3 days to call and tell me one died then don't expect any free replacements. Losses which occur after 2 or more days should not be considered my responsibility.

Can I get a refund for dead birds?

No refunds are given, ONLY free replacement birds or a credit towards a future order if you prefer that option. No exceptions.

What if the birds I received are not what I wanted?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the birds you ordered and received, please contact me right away. We can discuss the matter and then make arrangements to have them returned to me. Upon their return, You would receive a full refund of the birds you purchased provided they are returned in the same condition. Your only expense would be the shipping cost you incurred to get the birds, I will pay to have them returned. I have never had birds returned but I always make this offer so that buyers can be comfortable with their purchases.

Can I visit the farm and pick out the birds I want?

Yes, absolutely, you are most welcome to visit the farm, see the birds and purchase some at that time if you want to. Please call or email to make and appointment for a specific date and time, so that I can plan to be there.

What are the hours or days that you are open for visits?

Generally, weekends are the only time that I am able to extend a visit to the farm. But you can contact me to see if I am available on other days, and often times I can make arrangements to show you the birds if given sufficient time to plan ahead.

Does the weather conditions make a difference on shipping?

No, not usually, although I would try to avoid blizzard and heat wave conditions, they have not posed a problem in the past. I have shipped birds during the winter time and during the heat of July and August, the Post Office and Airlines make a special effort (apparently) to keep them inside comfortable areas and I have very rarely experience problems due to cold or heat. I'm always concerned about it but it has not been a major factor in consideration of shipping. Continental airlines has told me they will be accepting birds for shipping all summer (they previously would not if temps were above 85ºF. but that due to new shipping procedures they will be keeping birds in air conditioned transport at all time. This is great for summer time shipping.

How many birds can you ship in a box.

It depends on the type of birds that are being shipped. For best results I ship no more than 12-14 finches per box, and no more than 6 quail per box, or 4 diamond doves per box. But multiple boxes can be strapped together to accommodate larger orders of birds.

Can you ship different kinds of birds in a box?

Generally no. The boxes I use are designed for specific types of birds and I cannot mix quail with finches or doves. I can ship Zebras and Societies in the same box, but I will not mix very different types in one box. However I can strapped multiple boxes together and it does not greatly affect shipping cost. For express mail it will increase the cost since the cost are based on weight, but not a great amount of $. For airlines, 1,2,3 boxes does NOT usually affect the cost of airline freight charges.

If I buy a lot of birds can I get a discount?

I will always consider a discount on large orders however I generally dont have large numbers of birds for sale. I do not offer discounts on orders (less than $500). Plus cannot offer discounts on rare birds such as rare doves or rare finches that are in short supply. No further discounts are offered on birds sold in special package prices such as the Zebra and Society Specials. Finally, I am open to any ideas so it doesn't hurt to ask. I usually do include some extra birds free only zebra and society finch orders of $300 or more. I do not include extras on other types of birds ordered.

If you have other questions that I have overlooked please email me or call me at 337-828-5957


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