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This is a collection of what I feel are some of the best reference books even printed on Finches, Doves and Quail. I began my avicultural career with these books and find that I use them over and over and they are never outdated only out of print.


If the title below is highlighed in Blue then at least one copy of the book may still be available. Since I often have only single copies, they go quickly but new ones arrive often. so check back frequently.




Varieties and Genetics of the Zebra Finch

The Care, Breeding & Genetics of The Button Quail!

First and Only Diamond Dove Book by Jeff Downing

Keeping and Breeding Zebra Finches
by Chris Blackwell

An English book, long out of print in the US, one of the best ever written on breeding show quality zebra finches. These are new copies, hard cover,
lots of color Photos and valuable information.

$60 each + $3.85 priority shipping

2 copies currently for sale.


Book of the Pigeon and Wild Foreign Dove

by Carl Naether (1968)

This truly is a classic work and a must for ever dove and pigeon keeper. It is filled with information on all domestic breeds of pigeons and has an extensive section on wild exotic doves. Carl Naether lived in California and was a pioneer in keeping Exotic doves. He was a prolific writer, writing inumerable articles on doves and pigeon. This book is his finest work, and a must have for any one interestedin doves! It was reprinted many times and there are several editions, this particular edition was his most complete work. The book is filled with black and white photos, no color. These copies have the dust jacket and are in superb condition, pages are clean and bright.

Price $35 (3 copies)



Wild Pigeons and Doves

by Jean Delacour (1959)

This is my opinion the nicest of all dove books and also the rarest. I have only found 2 original edition copies in over 25 years. It is a beautiful small book filled with information on even the rarest of doves and pigeons. No color plates only black and white photos. It was reprinted (2nd edition) by TFH in the early 80's but even that verison is now very scarce. This copy is in MINT condition and a true collectors book. If I did not have a second copy (given to me by from a friends collection) I would never part with this one. This copy is in superb condition, cover is very clean and bright, pages are slightly yellow due to age but a very fine copy of a very rare book.

2nd Edition - Price $25 , 1st Edition 1959 $40

Pigeons and Doves of the World

by Derek Goodwin

The only reference work ever devoted to every single species of dove and pigeon known. No domestics, only wild natural species. This book covers ever one, even the extinct or nearly extince ones. It is not an avicultural book but does have a section on aviculture. The information and distribution maps about each species is incredible and its a book you would read from cover to cover, over and over. It has several color plates depicting some incredible species but considering it covers 400+ species, only a small percentage are shown in color. Most all are shown in the form of good line drawings. This book was reprinted at least 3 times, the last time being 1983. I often have one or two copies to offer and the edition varies. the latter edition had one extra color plate (perhaps 4 in all) the previous ones only 3 color plates. If you like doves and pigeons, then there is no doubt you would treasure this book as I have from the moment I first saw it.

Price $45. (several copies)

Cage Birds in Color

by Barth and Anthon (1959)

A great book!!

This was the first cage bird book I ever owned and I cannot describe how I as a young boy I could not put it down. I studied ever picture read ever text, and dreamed of the day I would own some of these birds. The book is filled with color plates. Quail, hookbills, doves, lots of finches and even soft-billed birds. I love this book as much as any. It has superb text about each species depicted and great sections on feeding, housing and care of cage birds. It really is a great reference book for and none of it is out dated. In superb condition Price $24. (1 copy available)

Finches and Soft Billed Birds

by Henry Bates and Robert Busenbark


If there ever was a bible for cage birds this is it! Another book I grew up with and it was and still is indespensible to bird keeping. This large book of over 700 pages if filled with information about every finch you could hope to keep, plus doves, quail and soft-bill birds too. I cannot tell you how valuable this book as been to me, its another one I could not put down have constantly refered to. The authors lived in CA and imported birds for many decades so the info that they write about is based on their personal experiences. The book many pages filled with color pictures, color plates and some black in white photos as well. Each species is treated separately with detailed information about breeding and care. A must for any bird keeper. You will have the knowledged of an authority on birds if you read this book, Promise!

Price $30.00 (several copies available) Its big and heavy, so $7.70 priority mail $4.50. Media mail. It was printed many times so covers differ from one edition to the next but the text does not differ in any edition only the number of color photos.

The Complete book of Finches and Softbills


David Alderton

The Complete Book of Finches and Softbills is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of caring for and breeding these birds. Whether just starting out with one Zebra Finch or beginning to breed Greater Indian Hill Mynahs, readers will find this book an essential tool for success. This guide features: practical information on the different species of finches and softbills, including specific housing and nutritional requirements; expert advice on everything from selecting a healthy bird to improving breeding results; instructional guidance on identifying birds, building an aviary or birdroom, and treating illnesses. Hard cover and beautifully illustrated. Price is $19.95 Shipping by media mail $5.00


I will continue to list new books as I find them.


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