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BRILLIANT WHITE TAIL $250 pair Very Rare We produce a few each year! This is a combination of Brilliant and White-tail. This color as you might expect is NEARLY WHITE. I produce a few of them and usually offer them only as single birds. They are best paired to another brilliant or a split brilliant. Don't be fooled many people mistakenly sell very light Silver Whitetails as Brilliant Whitetails.


For the last 41 years I have bred many species exotic doves. But I have narrowed my collection over the years to fewer species that I really like. I am not going to try and keep all of the many types I use to have.

So the birds I keep are birds I have kept for many years and enjoy the most. I do not consider all of these to be types I recommend to beginners.

The Bleeding Heart doves are my favorites and they are very attractive. They are not difficult to keep but they do require specialized care that doves like ringnecks and diamonds do not require. and they are not birds I consider to be for beginners.

I like Greenwing doves v ery much and these are birds I consider to be suitable for beginners, So are the Diamonds and Zebra doves.

Zebra doves are easy to breed but NOT suitable for small cages, they are wild and nervous birds. Dont buy them if you dont have a walk in aviary.

If you are looking for something special and you dont see it among my list, please ask me I can probably point you in the right direction to find that dove.

Indian Greenwing Dove . $350 per pair A medium size dove, the size of a Ringneck dove, bright metallic green, with a red beak and red legs. Very colorful and easily sexed. A great first exotic dove for beginners. Not at all cold hardy. My normal greenwings usually carry the gene for the Blue mutation below!

Indian Bluewing Dove . $450 per pair. Metallic Blue instead of Green, An extremely rare color mutation of the Greenwing, not often seen for sale. Call First!Here is a pict of both colors side by side

Cape doves --- FOR SALE in quantities below no less.

1 pair minimum $220 per pair USPS shipping cost $75 on up to 3 pair
   no single hens at this time

Cape males are very colorful check out this photo

Cape females dull by comparison ,

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