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Tobacco Stems


Natural Insect & Mite repellant for bird nest


Over the years I have used many unique items I have discovered, and Tobacco stems ranks up there as on of the best discoveries. Its well known to pigeon breeders who use them in the nest of pigeons as a natural repellant for mites and insects. So I tried them years ago in my finch nest and sure enough they keep the nest boxes completely free of any type of insect, ants, and ofcourse mites as well, These are the midrib of tobacco leaves. The tobacoo industry removed the soft part of the leaf for cigars etc. but does not use the midbrib of the leaf. Waste not want not the pigeon industry utilizes these "stems" and they work very well


I am offering one pound of TOBACCO STEMS shipped in a flat rate envelop by priority mail for the price of $11.50 The photo below show exactly what a pound looks like and its A LOT OF STEMS. Shown next to a standard pair of scissors so you can see the size of the "stems" they are about 12 inches long and I cut them up in to smaller pieces and put them in the bottom of my finch and dove nest boxes below the nesting material.






Acadiana Aviaries Seed Mixtures


Button Quail Diet

Game bird starter crumbles by Loan Star Products of TX

A complete balance formula for all game birds with 28% protein

This is the absolute best starter diet I have found for Button Quail chicks, the size is perfect and very tiny, just right for newly hatched chicks and we also use it for all our adults.


$1.75 per pound, Available in 2 sizes 5 lbs and 10 lbs.

shipped priority mail


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Acadiana Aviaries Dove & Pigeon Mix

Here again we feed a special mixture of seeds and pellets to all of our doves and pigeons. It's a mixture that I have arrived at over many years of keeping these birds. Its not a complicated mix and you could buy the ingredients yourself if you wanted to mix your own. The Dove mix contains Milo, Lone Star brand tiny steel cut cracked corn, white millet, Oil type sunflower seed, fortified Safflower seed from a cockatiel mix along with Zupreem Fruit Pellets, and Purina Nutra Gold Pigeon Pellets and the usual conditioning oil mixture*.(not added during warm summer months)


Together this seed mixture will keep any dove in tip top condition all year long. From Ringneck doves to Bleeding Heart doves and Victoria Crowned Pigeons, my birds thrive on this diet.


$2.25 per pound, Available in 2 sizes 5 lbs and 10 lbs.

shipped priority mail


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