Comments I received after customers received birds they ordered.


The birds are here, and they look great. Michael has gone to see his mom,
and he'll be so happy to see them here safe and sound. Thanks

Garrie - the birds have arrived. I put them all in the same cage so that they can get acclimated together. Today is a very sunny day in DC so I covered the cage with a white sheet to cut some of the light. They were totally silent until I got home and they heard my other birds, then they started scurrying in the box.

I was extremely impressed by how the post office handled this delivery. They have been lousy at just delivering mail. They called me 2 times today about the birds to make sure that I could pick them up. Believe me, I don't usually get that kind of service.

Dear Mr. Landry,

Thank you very much for you fast action in sending the birds. They have arrived safe and sound.
M. Rubino

Lacenecks arrived and look great. Thanks Ernie

The birds arrived fine. The post office called me around 6pm.
yesterday letting me know the birds had arrived. I picked them up around
9am this morning. I placed them in a large cage with some gouldians and
one male starfinch. Everyone is doing great!! The javas started eating
and drinking in a matter of minutes after they settled down in the cage.
This is the first time I ever ordered birds by mail and you have made it a
pleasant experience. I will definitely be ordering from you again in the
near future. Also I have 2 questions: What are the ages of the javas? and
which one is the male and which one is the female? One bird isn't banded
and the other one has an orange band. Thanks a bunch- Rodney

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the button quail arrived this morning.
Everybody seems to be doing ok, just a little stressed.
I also wanted to thank you for the extra cinnamon blue face. I was wondering if you knew if the extra is a male or female, I can't tell.
Thanks for the beautiful birds, Debbie Hughes.

Birds made it.
When were the Javas hatched and are they unrelated?
When were the Black Cheeks hatched (split hen, blk cheek male, blk cheek hen), and are all these birds unrelated?
Split Hen endured some plucking down to the skin (back of neck), other wise all appear healthy.
Mike Shook

The birds arrived today at 1:30.  Just for your information, one of them didn't make it, but I noticed that you gave me an extra one.  They are beautiful.  Thank you so much.  I may be ordering some zebra finches in the near future.
Thanks again.
Donna, CA

Dear Garry: They called me from the airport today and said the mail already left for the day. So if i didn't want to wait another day i could pick the birds up today! So i went to the airport this afternoon and picked those beautiful birds up. Both seem to be doing fine and are acclimating themselves to their new surroundings. They and I are very happy and I'm smiling. Thankyou once again and I'm sure you will be hearing from me again. Craig Quinn, Houston


Comments I received Week of Oct 25th after customers received birds they ordered.



Every one arrived safe and sound this morning about 7am. I am so pleased with them all. The self societies are even prettier in 'real life' than what I saw online in pictures. You sent one crested, that one is adorable - may have to get more of them at some point !! The Java female is a pretty mottled. Must admit I was surprised to see a white Java - I really had to look to see the patch of color on his tail end LOL. About how old are the Java's please? I can see how these two breeds are addicting ! Keep me in mind when you have silver and/or cream Java's available please.
Thanks again




Comments received Week of Sept 28th after customers received birds they ordered.




About 4:30 this afternoon, I got a surprise phone call from the post office letting me know that your shipment had arrived.  Needless to say, I flew into town before they closed to pick them up.  What a relief to be able to get them acclimated 12 hours earlier than expected. I feel confident that they will fare much better not going two days in transit.
What can I say?  They are all wonderful and I think most happy to be outside the carrier.  They tooted all the way home.  Every one is choice and especially the OB Florida Fancy male - he is really big!!  Just love him == I think he knows it.  Hope he will be a good breeder == he has great looks, color and attitude to boot.  The BFBB hens are especially pretty and very nice in size.  The black breasted boys are superb and the OB males will add strength to my OB colony. As I look them all over, there's not a one that wouldn't be a first pick for me.  Thanks again for choosing such a perfect selection.
I'll keep in touch and let you know how they are doing in the coming days.
Warmest regards,  KARLEEN




The following are comments I received Week of Aug 16th after customers received birds they ordered.


Hi Garrie,
Just wanted you to know the four Javas and two Gouldians arrived safe and sound at 8 AM in Edwards on Wednesday.  The packaging was interesting and I learned a lot with the Solo cup and foam!  That's cool, and if I ever need to travel with my birds the trick will help as an additional aid.
My memory did not serve me correctly, I had mistaken the size of the Javas.  I had two cages set up, one for the Gouldians and the other for the Javas.  Two large ferret cages had been given me sometime ago and I use one for the Cockatiel who is let out every day.  The second ferret cage I sanitized again and readied for the Javas; but upon seeing the Javas realized the bar spacing was much too large for them.
But my brand new bird cage, 30 x18 x18, is a breeder/flight cage, 1/2 inch bar spacing, with a divider option.  So as to separate the Goulds and Javas as you suggested I slid the divider into place.  Figured a separate cage would be best, but this would do in a pinch and I didn't want to use an available really small cage.  Supplied them with warm sugar water and after seeing them drink a bit, I left the house for the day.  Figured the quieter it was the better for them.
Even provided them with a nice window view for the sunshine and to see / hear the geese, turkeys, and ducks milling around.  I thought they would remember the sounds of your geese and feel more at home.  HA HA
They are doing SUPER today!  I decided to wait at least 24 hours to tell you how things are going.  An hour ago I removed the divider so as to give more flight space and perch options.  Figured the Goulds had gotten used to the Javas on the other side and were doing so well stress-wise, it would be safe to make it more comfortable for everyone.
Well, thanks for everything!  I truly appreciate your sincere efforts and will highly recommend you to anyone I know who is searching for birds.
Geoffrey P. Jones, NY

Hi Garrie

I picked up the birds at the post office yesterday. All did fine. Thank you for the extra F.F. O.B., she is very nice and I have just the male for her.

The F.F. pair look small, they might be young still.

I love the O.B. nice size.

Is the female normal fawn also a black cheek, she has a very dark eye line.


Thanks Again
Joe Perez, FL


The birds arrived this morning and I picked them up at 7:00am. They are in great shape and as a matter of fact 2 got out of the box as soon as I opened one end. It took awhile to catch I do love their size and their call.

Thank you very much Garrie


Michael Rassier, NH



The bf bb is a pretty bird. The sf ff hen is very nice and 19 grams. How old are the FF's? Have they got some growing to do yet? 1 is 11 and the other 13 grams. about 8 under the ones i have......but the coloring will add tremendously to mine.   Mine don't have anywhere near as much orange lacing on the wings. but i definately needed some new FF blood before i start getting jammed up in my projects with birds being too closely related to be able to sell them later.

All birds arrived in great shape. Im attaching a pic of a bird being weighed. its a young grey BC hen that i just setup with a grey/bc c. cfw to get some more females that arent all sisters. should also make some decent size grey bc's also down the line.

Wick, NH

Hi Garrie
I picked up my zebra doves at the P.O. this morning. They look great. Thanks

Travis Denver, CO


Gerrie, I'm not sure if my first message went through so will send this one. I received the birds at 9:00 this morning and all are in great shape. I had ordered 100 leg bands also and did not find them with the box so I assume you are shipping them separately. Thanks for everything. If you ever need a reference feel free to use my name.


D L Gruben, Alb, NM


We got the Java Rice bird; she's in superb shape. Do you have an idea of how old she is?

The post office kindly called us around 6 pm, and we picked her up at 6:15 (after their usual public hours) so I can say, once again, that they did a very good job with the shipping.



Pat Palmer NJ


The following are comments I received Week of July 26th after customers received birds they ordered.



Garrie -

My Zeebs arrived today in excellent shape - when they came out of the box
they did not even want drinks. I had feared that I would be syringe-feeding
them pedialite. They are beautiful and I thank you so very much for sending
such excellent quality birds. They are absolutely full of life!

Lainey Alexander, Mt Washington, MA

Garrie, I picked up the birds this morning at the PO. This worked out much better than the previous shipment from a logistics perspective. All of the birds looked pretty good. Only one seemed a little worn out from the trip. They're in a cage together in a quiet room. They are absolutely beautiful birds.

Thank you, Rob, Raleigh, NC

Dear Garrie,

This morning, finally, I received the birds at the local post office. They all look good. I transferred them into a big cage and put seeds and water.

I also want to say you "Thank you very much for all". When I open the transferring box, I immediately realized your professional care and preparation, such as perch, seeds, and water for them.

Hope them recovering well after the long travel.. See you and thanks again,

Kazuhiro Wada, Durham NC


They are here and beautiful, great looking and happy, singing up a storm, Thanks soooo much Becky Any special tips.


Becky Christian, Hornersville, MO


My penguin zebras have arrived today they where here at 6 am and they are in fine shape thank you

Ray Fredrick, North Ridgeville, OH

Thanks!  I received by birds today, 1 day earlier than usual. Thanks for the extra pair.  Now I,ve just got to figure out what kind they all are.

Rita Dunaway, Anniston, AL

Just wanted to let you know they all made it.I like the chest frills and would like to get more when you have some more available.Do you know the sexes on any of these because some have blue bands?Do you also know if any are related.Now with the chest frills you can breed them to a normal and end up with some of both?Thanks and please let me know when you have some more chest frills maybe by then it will be cooler.


Chris Dieter, Sycamore, IL

Good news, My wife picked up the birds this morning while I was at work.  I just got home to see them.  They are beautiful! Thank you so much. I'll want to order some more but I'll wait till it cools down so they can be shipped.  Thanks again! 

Cisco Sahagan, Fontana, CA


I received my diamond doves Tuesday evening and they was mailed Monday eve, Sure made good time.  They are beautiful birds, and one was   stressed and Garrie told me what to do and now they are all fine , eating and drinking and jumping on the perches.  He was such a nice man and answered any questions I had , the box was so nicely made with a perch and water cup that still had water, and seeds. They arrived before we thought they would, this man is a very good person to buy your birds from I would recomend him highly..I got two pairs and I will get some more in the spring. I want these to get settled in and doing good...
But if anyone out there wants to order From Garrie Landry, don't hesitate...         He is  AAAPlus in my book.....       .Zelda Paul
                                                     Washington, Pa.



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