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Adult birds available for sale by pairs only.

I also offer eggs for hatching all year long.

Button Quail, also known as the Chinese Painted Quail, are the smallest members of the quail family. We have specialized ion them for many years. We have been the only importers of rare colors of button quail in the united states! I do well pairs of Button quail in small numbers. I do not have many birds at any given time to sell. My market is for hatching eggs, there are not many sales for adult birds probably because of shipping cost but I will sell pairs of birds. I do not have all of the colors listed on these pages for sale. So please inquire as to what you are interested in and I will quickly respond with an answer.

MY OWN OWN BUTTON BOOK IS FOR SALE. It is finally finished! This book covers allof aspects of keeping and breeding Button Quail just as I have done for 35 years. For the first time it contains detailed information about the mutations and how to breed them.The book contains 47 pages of text, and has color pages with photographs of adults, plus colorful genetic charts showing how some varieties breed and how to produce new combinations.


My book is available Click here for more info.

Recognize Varieties of Button quail, correct & illegitmate names

Identification Guide to Button Quail Chicks


No Single females for sale


Express mail shipping $38-55 (box and postage)

cost depends on your distance from Louisiana


NORMAL WILD TYPE . The original wild color, Hens is dark camouflage brown, males is black with very colorful markings!

SILVER The first mutation, a nice silver gray. Male with facial marks, female all silver-gray.

WHITE Completely White button quail, imported from Europe. They are not albinos, and have dark eyes, bright yellow beaks and legs. They are easy to sex, males are smaller and slimmer when compared to the females.

TUXEDO BUTTON QUAIL perhaps the newest variety of Button quail to arrive in the US from the UK and Europe. As the name implies, these birds are dark above and white below, about 50/50 in color and they can come in any variety of button quail but are most striking in the darker colors. I NOW HAVE TUXEDOS IN DARK, SILVER AND CINNAMON VARIETIES.

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