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Thank you for visiting my Zebra Finch Web Site, I hope you enjoy it as much I did making it. If you find any broken links or encounter problems please let me know.

With all of the birds and animals that I have, it is the Zebra Finch that has been my passion and specialty for so many years. I take pride and enjoyment in breeding Zebras and in offering what is most certainly the largest selection of varieties in the United States.

Zebras today don't look like Zebras did yesterday. Check out The most awesome of all Zebra Finches, this is an Orange Faced Phaeo! As you are about to see, Zebra Finches have been my passion and specialty for many, many years. I take pride and enjoyment breeding Zebras and in offering a large selection of color varieties, probably the largest in the U.S. Many of my birds I have personally imported From Europe, as well as purchased stock from others in the US who have imported them. Much of my stock consist of large birds or rare and unusual ones. These were imported from England, Belgium and Germany. In addition I have selections of my own stock that I have worked with since the mid 1960's. I have some really nice large zebras, comparable to the best show birds you could find anywhere in the US. The English Zebras and especally, the German Zebras are truly huge, heavy bodied finches, just like English Budgies. These larger Zebras require many months to fill out, however, even as babies they are larger than American Zebras. If you are wondering how large is large, Look at this photo (not the best) of A Chestnut Flanked White German Zebra (left) English Zebra (right) and American (center) for size comparison. CLICK HERE!

Currently I have over 30 varieties of Zebra Finches. Below are some descriptions from a selection of the Zebra Finches that I breed and sell. As time permits I will eventually include information and photos on all of the birds. To get you started, below in the 'Varieties of the Zebra Finch' section, you will find pictures of each type of Finch along with detailed information for you to explore through. Every week I will add a new variety so please bookmark this site and keep coming back! Enjoy yourself, there is a lot to look at!!

Garrie P. Landry

Varieties of the Zebra Finch

 Black Breasted Zebra  Black-Face Zebra   Orange Breasted Zebra
 White Zebra  Florida Fancy (Isabel)  Phaeo Zebra
 Penguin Zebra  Lightback Zebra  Chestnut Flanked White
 Dominant Silver Zebra  Dominant Cream Zebra  Black Cheek Zebra
 Fawn Cheek Zebra The "George" Zebra  Yellow Beak Zebra
 Pied Zebra Eumo Zebra Finch   Grizzle Zebra

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