The Phaeo Zebra Finch





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The Phaeo Zebra was the rage of Europe only a few years ago. When the first Phaeo was produced, it was regarded as one of the most outstanding color combinations achievable in zebra finch breeding. These zebras show extensive orange color on a nearly white bird. Contrary to what may believe, the Phaeo is not a distinct mutation but a striking combination of the Black Breasted Zebra and Florida Fancy. This combination shows all the orange features of a Black breasted with no black pigment is present. The best Phaeos have a complete orange head, average ones have extra large cheek patches. They are not easy to breed, and the color is quite variable on males, furthermore well marked Phaeos are not easy to produce. The female Phaeos are similar to Florida Fancy hens but show a rich buff underparts and distince buff colored rump and tail coverts. Phaeos are certainly one of the most colorful of all Zebras, and they are a very important part of the ingredient used in creating an number of other desirable combinations. While this variety may not be difficult to breed, showy specimens are not easily produced.