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Luzon Bleeding Heart  I do not sell these any longer but I can put you in touch with other who do.  CONTACT TODD SMITH IN ARKANSAS  EMAIL    todds3505@gmail.com

Bartletts Bleeding Heart Good luck trying to find these, they are among the rarest and most expensive doves in the US today. The few who hae them are lucky if they raise one per year per pair.

Zebra Dove $200 per pair (selling for a friend in NM and shipped from there)

Senegal Turtle Doves $150 for adult pairs per pair very easy to breed, not so easy to sex. I have a colony of about 40 of these and they breed year round.

White Zebra Doves -----I NO LONGER KEEP THESE

Nuremberg Lark Pigeons, $50 per pair. $25 each this is my favorite breed of all pigeons, I have kept a colony of these since the mid 1980s and I just love the color and appearance of this bird. They are a small to medium size breed, and very good breeders

Egyptian swift Pigeons short legs, long body and wings, high flyers, superb breeders   SEE BELOW

Blue Velvet Egyptian Swift Pigeons  $50 per pair Adults, or $20 each for young birds
Asphar (Yellow) Egyptian Swift  $100 per pair or $40 each for young.

 A very nice very prolific large pigeon, long wings and tail, short legs and beak.  Very dimorphic sexes, males light females darker, bred for high flying. 


Starlings $20 each for young birds


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