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SMOKEY This is a variety that I discovered in 1996. It was just a matter of time before this unique combination appeared. Smoky=Cinnamon X Slate combination. The birds are lighter than Slate with a very mottled grey, usually a light colored head and back and darker sides. It can be a double factor or single factor and it breeds true.

BLUE FACE-CINNAMON or BLUE FACE-FAWN  CONTRASTY COMBINATION, This mixture of Fawn or Cinnamon and blue face is again one of the best combinations we have made. The males arecinnamon brown or frosted fawn/silver on the back andwings with a steel blue head, face and breast. Hens are a cinnamon-brown or frosted fawn/silver all over.

CINNAMON BLUE FACE GREY FORM (AKA LAVENDER) We also have our own selection of Cinnamon Blue Face that which is a very distinctive form which is mostly grey with brown scaleing on each feather. The GREY CINN. BLUE FACE hens are exceptionally attractive. Currently these are only available from our farm!

CINNAMON RED BREASTED (a new Red Breasted combination with Cinnamon) It has taken me 2+ years to produce this combination. The females have pale grey bars on a light cream color body, NICE! and the males are light brown with bright rust red breast color all underneath as well as on the sides and back. This variety shows the most red color of any of the Button Quail.

CINNAMON PEARL VERY COLORFUL The Cinnamon Pearl combination brightensthe cinnamon mutation to its best. These quail are light cinnamon- orange color throughout. The crown is very bright, and the body color is very bright with grey barring. I considerthis to be one of the most colorful new varieties! Customers seem to prefer them also!

RED BREASTED This color was a spontaneous mutation which occurred and was establishedin our aviaries in 1987. Females are buff to tan, with bold black barring on each feather from head to tail resembling the pattern of barred rock chickens. Males have the face mostlyblack with no white markings, and the breast is completely red from the throat to the vent. The wings also have extensive red feathers, making the males appear half red, half black from side or front view. This is certainly the most outstanding color variety we have seen. The hens can be MORE attractive than the males.

DARTH VADER"  A selection from within Red Breasted,  Males have a blacker face and throat, with almost now white, extra nice ones have a completely black face, However, females have a brighter color pattern than regular red breast hens. The hens are light and bright birds! Jeff Bridges of CO coined the name Darth Vader after his own selection of these extra dark Red Breasted Button Quail.

SPLASHED & PIED  The Splashed color variety is new, even for us. It represents a careful genetic selection from within our White Buttons. The Splashed Buttons are as you would expect a pied to appear. They are white and colored.  Most have colored feathers scattered on upper surface. Silver Splashed birds  Splash breeding also produces Pieds that are mostly colored with just a few areas of white, but beautiful birds.




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