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The African Harlequin Quail - Coturnix delegorguei

The African Harlequin quail is the newest type of quail I am currently keeping. It vanished from the US for many years but has resurfaced and is apparently doing well. I have bred quite a few in the last 2 years and they are one of the most enjoyable quail I have ever kept.

These quail are native to the southern part of the African Continent and apparently have been kept and bred in European aviaries for many decades.

Harlequin quail are larger than Button Quail but smaller than Coturnix quail, I would said 2 times larger than a Button and 1/3 the size of the average large Coturnix.

They are extremely tame compared to all other types of quail and very curious about their owners, to the point of being at your feet constantly if you are in their aviary.

They mature fast, about 10 weeks of age and females are laying eggs. The eggs are about 2 times the size of a Button quail egg and they hatch in 15 days. This is the shortest incubation period of any quail I have kept.

The young are very easy to raise, with the same requirements as any similar quail chick.

I really like this new quail and hope I will have them for many years to come.

Oddly the Mearns quail, a very rare and difficult species to keep from the Southwestern US is sometimes called the Harlequin quail. So do not confuse the native North American species with this African Quail.

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Photos of Harlequin male and female and their eggs


More photos:

2 male Harlequins

A pair of Harlequins in nature.