You Have a 1 in 64 Chance

of Breeding a Rare Zebra Finch Like This

Would You Know Where to Start?

An Almost Complete Guide to:

The Varieties and Genetics of the Zebra Finch


Garrie P. Landry

Many of the New, Rare Zebras are Actually Combinations of Mutations!

That's right, I wrote a book, and surprised myself as well. This book covers all of the varieties and genetics of Zebra Finches known in the US. It is exactly the type of book I always wanted and could never find, since I began breeding Zebras over 30 years ago. The book has 60 full color pages depicting all of the varieties of the Zebra Finches and how to breed them. It covers history behind the origin of the various mutations as well as important aspects about breeding the new, rare mutations. For the first time, here is a Zebra Finch book with colorful genetic charts, providing the reader with a graphic interpretation of genetics and how to breed both the common and rare colors Zebras. Below is a sample genetic chart from the book! Each chart has a detailed explanatory text. But the good thing about these charts, is that you don't even have to know how to read, and you can look a the chart and easily figure how which two birds to mate and what the expectations are. It is genetics made easy for anyone interested in Zebras. This book is not available in any book store (yet!) and currently only available from the author. Many copies have been sold since its first publication in February of 1997, and the buyers have been quite satisfied. If you like zebras and their mutations, this book is surely to be your best companion. One of my friends, Russ Beasty, a breeder of great finches, commented to me that after two weeks of reading this book, he still could not put it down. Nevertheless, your satisfaction guaranteed, and you may return book within 10 days for a full refund.


The Chart below depicts a cross between a Black Breasted Black Face and Phaeo to produce an Orange Face Phaeo in the second generation. This genetic chart is typical of the types that can be found in my book. Each chart has a detailed explanation of the crosses and expectations.


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