These are my own design of finch nest boxes. I have tried many styles over the last 35 years and this is the one I prefer for zebra and society finches. Six differnt styles for different birds. The Zebra or Society Finch box is 5 inches across the front, 4 inches deep and 4 inches tall. (5x4x4). The Gouldian nest box is 6 tall by 4 wide by 4.5 deep. As you can see there is a sizeable opening on the front and two types of finch boxes, one that opens to the front for hanging in a cage or flight, another which open to the back for hanging outside a breeding cage, and the gould box also hangs outside a breeding cage. There are hooks in place for the style of box needed. I have never found finches reluctant to use these boxes. They are constructed of quarter inch plywood and the top opens up easily for inspection and cleaning. There is NO perch on the front of most boxes and I specifically designed it that way as frankly a perch is not needed and in many cases only serves to encourage other birds (in a mixed aviary) to bother the occupants of the nest. The only boxes which comes with a perch are the Java Rice Finch Boxes (see below) Paid advertisement below:



Diamond dove box 2 for $5.00 These are my own design of small dove nest boxes, perfect size for Diimonds, Zebras and most small to medium size exotic doves, great size for inside small cages or flight pens. Nest box measures about 3 inches wide by 4 inches deep by 2.5 inches tall. [Two Dove boxes equal the cost and weight of 1 finch box, so dove boxes must be ordered in multiples of 2, or 4 or 6 , etc THEREFOR 2 dove boxes qualify as 1 box in weight when figured in to the postage cost below. ]