The Red Breasted

Button Quail



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The Red Breasted mutation was discovered and established in our own aviaries in 1987. Males of this variety lack most of the white facial markings of the Normals and instead possess an mostly black face with a fine white line around the throat; occasional individuals have completely black faces. The red coloration of the vent is increased to the point that it extends over the entire breast all the way to the throat. Female Red Breasted are buff or tan with bold black barring on each feather from head to tail. These markings somewhat resemble the pattern found in Barred Rock Chickens. Red Breasted chicks can be distinguished from other chicks with a unique down color composed of black with yellow stripes as dorsal markings and prominent light yellow on the wings and abdomen. It is a recessive mutation, but carriers often show some traces of the gene. The Red Breasted mutation can be easily combined with most other colors such as Silver Cinnamon, Pearl and Blue Face. We have produced the following varieties



Look at this completely new Red Eye Mutation of Button Quail, A first!!


Cinnamon Red Breasted Male

This is one super good lookin' Button Quail!

Cinnamon Red Breasted Males can be nearly all red!


Cinnamon - Golden Pearl - Blue Face -White - "Splashed"