Golden & Silver Campines Bantams

I now have both Golden and Silver Campine bantam eggs for sale.





These are absolutely some of the most beautiful Bantams I have ever owned. They are a very small size breed, excellent layers and mature quickly. I plan to hatch lots of them this year too!

The Golden Campine originated in Belgium, where it has been bred for several centuries. The name is derived from the Campine country, where these fowls are bred largely for the production of white-shelled eggs. The bantam breed was developed by breeder in Texas and exist only in the US.

Primarily kept for their color and egg production, most campine do not incubate eggs, though I have had some hens to become broody. They lay small clutches so I cannot offer more than 6 eggs at a time to insure fresh eggs.


Six - 6 eggs per order = $20.00 plus and $8.60 priority shipping.


US postal addresses only. Properly packed for safe arrival






Please confirm by sending me an email that these eggs are currently available