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Of all the varieties of geese that I keep these are my favorite ones, I like the color, I like there graceful shape, they are superb layers, and superb parents, I just love The Chinese Goose, both Browns and Whites. The color of the Brown is very pleasing and the Whites look like small swans with their long graceful necks. They are long lived up to 20 or more years.

Names d'Oies de Chine in France/belgium Brown Chinese Goose also available in a white form with orange beaks. This breed is easy to sex by appearance alone, males are larger and have a more pronounced knob on the head, females are smaller and have a much more refinded face and knob than males.
Country Of Origin;......
... China ...........old name "China Goose" or "Swan Goose"
Carriage; This variety is smaller than others and is distinguishable from other geese by the knob or protuberance on its head.
Egg Colour; ..................... eggs white
Egg least 50 eggs in a season (about 100 known)
Incubation: . . . . . . . . . . . .28 - 34 days.
Breed Hints....Chinese geese go broody easily and are generally better layers Incubation: 28 - 31 days
Weights; 10 12 pounds for Gander and 10 pounds for Goose
Breed Tip: They are a perfect goose for southern climates as they prefer warm to hot temperatures, more so that any other variety of domestic goose . They are also very keen as a breed to take on small yappy dogs and for the dogs own protection keep them away especially at breeding time.
Flying .
They rarely fly as full grown adults are to heavy but young birds are cabable of flying, if they are given enough room to do so. They are a good back garden all rounder; and often used to weed gardens, avoiding the vegetables and eating only the weeds.
Brown / Grey Variety, Black bill and eyes, orange legs. Body feathers are brown and lighter on the underside of the bird.
White Variety, Bright orange bill and legs, blue eyes and pure white body feathers.
Meat Production: Egg Production: Will lay at least 50 eggs in a season (about 100 known) , and because of this are ideal for crossing with other breeds, having a better bone/meat ratio than the others and a leaner carcase with little or no fat . They also often lay twice per year in Autumn and Spring although the occasional daft female has laid consistently for months
These geese are meant to be the most suitable 'watchdog ' being the chattiest breed with a curiosity unrivaled by other breeds . They can occasionally take a dislike to strangers but this is generally when on guard duty for a broody female. They recognize their owners and are very good and tolerant with small children. This is one of my favorite types of goose, I love the color scheme and the stately carriage of the birds. Considered loud by some, when compared to the voice of other types of domestic geese.



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